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Web Design Services

IT-AHOLICS delivers the highest quality and most up-to-date design services available for your business.  We provide customized Website Optimization Services get your business out there!  Whether you need a new website for a start-up company or a fresh look for your business, we offer a variety of design options that not only look beautiful but also provide functionality and ease. Online presence in this day in age is a requirement to be successful, but, considering over 50% of traffic is being generated from mobile devices, it is imperative that your website looks good accross the board.   Let us show you how to improve your business productivity and help your business grow by generating more business!

Condominium Websites

Are you ready for the new Sunshine State Condominium Laws?  Governor Rick Scott passed changes to the Association requirements which now require all Condominium Associations with 150 units and over to have a working website and post digital copies of offcial records on it.  We specialize in HOA and Condiminum websites which are fully compatible with the Sunshine Law (Florida’s Condominium Act) which will meet all requirements that will be made effective by January, 1, 2019.

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Hosting Services

In order for your clients to access your website, you need to host it with a web host.  We will not only provide you with fast, reliable and secure hosting, but you can always speak to a real person 24/7 when you need support.  Ask us about our hosting services and how we stand out above the rest by providing a hig level of security that will not only prevent your website from being hacked, but also protect all information from identity theives.

Did you know that now, in order to rank higher in google, the speed of your website plays a major role?  We can provide you with latest speed technologies so that your website loads quickly and securely, every single time.

SEO Services

Staying ahead in today’s competitive market can be challenging unless you have the right SEO tools.  Search engines, such as google, use a multitude of factors to rank a websites position in a search result, this includes specific trending keywords and tagged pictures used stratigically throughout your website.  Let our team handle the analytical work to help your business be found quicker, while you focus on growing your business.